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Relationship Between PSA and Cholesterol Levels

Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels should always be a priority if you suffer from elevated cholesterol levels, or have symptoms. We focus on lowering our cholesterol levels in order to lower our risk of heart disease. Decreasing your cholesterol levels may also decrease your elevated PSA levels.

What is PSA?

PSA refers to prostate-specific antigen. This is marker commonly used to gauge healthy prostates in men and can be used to determine the possible presence of prostate cancer or other medical conditions. The higher your PSA levels are, the higher your risk is of developing prostate cancer. We want to look out for the signs and symptoms as this can lead to much more serious diseases. Although there can be instances where you have elevated PSA levels with no prostate cancer present, they should still be low.

Relationship with Cholesterol Levels

Our cholesterol should always be monitored as adults. A few studies have found that men taking statins to help lower their LDL cholesterol also have helped lower PSA levels up to 40%. One study suggested that for every 10% decrease in cholesterol, PSA levels dropped by about 1.6 ng/mL . This association seemed to be the most predominant in white males. There still needs to be further research in determining the proper, most accurate relationship between prostate-specific antigen and cholesterol.

There is no clear evidence that can support that there is a positive correlation between cholesterol levels and prostate-specific antigen levels. Although it appears that lowering cholesterol may lower these levels, it is not currently known what type of effect this would have on the risk of prostate cancer or disease. Statins are also made up of unique properties that are still being tested. The effects that the statins we take can effect different parts of our bodies in different ways. It is important to keep in constant contact with a doctor when taking statins, as side effects can be random.

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