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Benefits of Simvastatin Use

Simvastatin helps reduce the level of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, while simultaneously increasing HDL cholesterol levels.

It also helps lower the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other heart complications from patients at risk due to diabetes and coronary heart disease.

FloLipid is the first liquid simvastatin (statin) drug to be released for the U.S.

of patients need medication or treatment for high cholesterol
Americans are now taking a statin drug for cholesterol management
of older patients reported missing doses due to difficulty swallowing

Dysphagia Information & Resources

People with dysphagia have difficulty swallowing and may even experience pain while swallowing . Dysphagia makes it difficult to eat and can cause problems swallowing some types of pills.

Learn more about dysphagia here to see if you know someone who is affected 

Know the signs, symptoms, and options for those affected by dysphagia. 

Definition of dysphagia

Information For Patients Who Can’t Swallow Pills

Medicine Management For Health Professionals

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FloLipid is the first liquid-form simvastatin for U.S. patients that helps lower cholesterol.