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Introducing FloLipid

The first liquid-form simvastatin.

At Salerno Pharmaceuticals, we are dedicated to providing people the treatment they need, in a form they are able to consume. That is why we have undertaken the challenge of reducing high cholesterol and helping lower the risk of heart attack and stroke by developing FloLipid, the first liquid simvastatin in the U.S.

of patients need medication or treatment for high cholesterol
Americans are now taking a statin drug for cholesterol management
of older patients reported missing doses due to difficulty swallowing

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Our products are innovating the way patients receive medication.

Our vision is to promote health and well-being for patients across the globe by tirelessly working to develop revolutionary products and innovative forms of medicine.

1 in 25 Adults Struggle With Swallowing

 Our team saw a desperate need for the intersection of the approximate 1 in 25 adults who will struggle with a swallowing disorder in their lifetime, and the 1 in 4 patients who require treatment for high cholesterol.

That's why FloLipid was developed in an innovative liquid form, making it easier to swallow and aiming to reduce the amount of medication doses missed by older adults.


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FloLipid is the first liquid-form simvastatin for U.S. patients that helps lower cholesterol.