Innovating the Medication Industry

Our Team

Fresh & Innovative Perspectives

Our experienced team has the knowledge and fresh perspective necessary to innovate the medication & healthcare industry.

Dave Ambrose


With over 20 years of experience running and managing multiple pharmaceutical companies, Dave helps innovate the planning & development of business goals.

Gary Dutton

Director of Sales

Prior to working on the Salerno Team, Gary began as a sales representative in 1999 with MCR American Pharmaceuticals, Inc. He quickly became ranked #1 in sales.

Alexandra Ambrose

Director of Marketing

Alexandra applies her skill set and knowledge to the marketing division of Salerno Pharmaceutical and ensures effective customer communication & operations.

Robert Davis

President of Product Development

With over a decade and a half of work and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Robert has gained a comprehensive understanding and vast skill set in the area of pharmaceuticals.

Janet Sands

Quality Control

Janet Sands has accumulated nearly a decade and a half of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Presently, Janet applies her skills and knowledge at Salerno Pharmaceuticals as head of Quality Control.

Vinay Taneja


Prior to coming onboard with Salerno Pharmaceuticals, Mr. Taneja served as a President/Owner in Regulatory Consulting at Templar Pharmaceuticals in Tampa, Florida.

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